wellness food trends

2021 Health Trends You Should Know About

wellness food trends

Based on what we see in the industry and health & wellness trends, here's what we think is coming into the spotlight this year and will be around to stay:

Clean baking (lucky, we're here, huh!)

Remember when flour and baking powder were sold out last year because all we wanted to do was bake during quarantine? Well, that's not going away anytime soon, but an emphasis on healthier baking will come into popularity. With a focus on health and the food we're putting into our bodies, we'll swap out the processed ingredients for whole ingredients, even in our baked treats! 

Personalized nutrition

Instead of following the common diet trends, and with the rise of biometric tracking devices (like Whoop and Levels), we'll start to realize that nutrition should be personalized as opposed to a one-size-fits all approach that we've be sucked into over the past decade (or more). Functional medicine will become more in demand and an alternative to the modern health industry, which will help us prioritize personalized nutrition and what works best for us! P.S. we're all about personalized nutrition and ˆwhat works for you!


While it's still a "buzz word" and unfamiliar to many, we're starting to understand the benefits of natural and ancient remedies to common stressors. We're here to help introduce them to you in a simple and easy to digest way!

Back to Meal Prepping 

In 2020, most of us had to pivot and figure out working from home. With that, we may have de-prioritized meal prepping and instead turning to comfort food, constant snacking, and Doordash. New year, new mindset! Meal prep will return as will easy homemade cooking and baking. Many of our customers use our Oat Ginger Raisin Cookie Mix as an easy to prep breakfast or snack solution! The easier, the better, right - especially if it's clean & healthy too.

Sleep, Stress, and Immunity

We're starting to realize how sleep and stress impacts our immune system (for the record, our ancestors and Ayurvedic nutrition has known this for ages!), and we need to keep our immunity strong! Too often, people turn to sleeping pills or NyQuil to aid in sleep, but there are better-for-you solutions. Quit the caffeine earlier in the day, keep a consistent sleep schedule, find a sleep mask and keep your bedroom dark and cool, and try natural superfoods and adaptogens to allow the body to rest and relax, like Ashwagandha and Reishi (both found in our Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix). 


We've had to re-think our fitness regime this past year, but that doesn't mean we tossed it to the side. At-home workouts, running, Peloton, outdoor activities have taken center stage, as has a focus on 'optimized performance,' similar to personalized nutrition. More devices are coming to the market to track our fitness, performance and recovery. Our nutrition should compliment our activity level and instead of synthetic performance enhancers, we can turn to adaptogens and superfoods, like Cordyceps and Spirulina (both found in our Mint Chocolate Cookie Mix).


How convenient is it to have your protein powder and vitamins shipped to you monthly? Just like supplement companies have been promoting recurring orders (subscriptions) for a few years now, all eCommerce companies will leverage this consumer friendly model too. Save money and change or cancel whenever you'd like, the control is in the customers' hands! We have a subscription option for you, saving you 20% and providing you with your clean cookie mixes for everyday functional treats!

2020 was a tough year, but there are things to look out for this year, so stay positive, healthy, safe, and happy. We appreciate your support and are here for you and your nutrition goals!

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