Why a cookie mix?

Why a cookie mix?

A question I get often.

If you're familiar with my story, you know that I struggled for years with restricting my diet, desserts, and developed severe food anxiety. I was terrified of anything sweet, baked treats, and fats (even healthy fats). But, I have a big sweet tooth!

During my road to recovery, I started to learn about whole food ingredients like almond flour and oat flour that are nutritious and perfect for baking. I also learned the benefits of healthy fats like almond butter and coconut oil and the relief they can provide to my hormones. As I was working adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Maca into my nutrition to rebalance my reproductive and adrenal hormones, I decided one day to start creating whole food based cookies, using almond flour, maple, nut butter, a sprinkle of these adaptogens, and dark chocolate. It was perfect. Then I continued to create more and more recipes, developing plant based swaps for the common overly sugared brownies, breads, cookies, etc. 

I used my social media platform, @nourishedbypri, to share these recipes but it become clear that many people were not familiar with these ingredients nor had access to them! As a creator myself, I wanted to encourage everyone to be the master of their own kitchen. That, plus my passion to educate everyone about these ingredients, that what you eat should be customized, and that baking can be easy and enjoyable, allowed You Again Cookie Mixes to come to life. 

I wanted to provide you with a well researched and curated "template" using the highest quality ingredients and adaptogens, but then let you bake your cookies the way YOU want them. You choose the nut butter, coconut oil, whether you keep them plant based or add an egg, and if you want to try new creations using the mix. The options are endless, we encourage you to have fun with it!

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