5 things you do which are rooted in Ayurveda

5 things you do which are rooted in Ayurveda

Did you know these 5 common practices originate from ancient medicine & Ayurveda?

I bet you are familiar with most!

It shouldn't be a surprise that many things we do today have been passed down for centuries and centuries. Unfortunately, through the years, many ideas and practices have been lost, but gradually the Western world has started to re-introduce them, and at You Again, we're here to do the same with our everyday cookie mixes, infused with ancient ingredients & adaptogens. 

1. Turmeric

Maybe you've ordered a "golden mylk latte" at your coffee shop, you supplement with turmeric capsules, or you sprinkle the spice into your cooking. However you're getting it, Turmeric has gained popularity thanks to it's anti-inflammatory & anti-viral benefits. In Ayurveda and India, we've been cooking, consuming, and healing with Turmeric for centuries!

2. Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work

I feel confident saying that if you haven't yet heard about Yoga, you may be living under a rock. Traditional Yoga was brought to the United States many years ago, but recently has transformed into a very Western and modern type of practice and workout. Both Yoga and Meditation are branches of Ayurveda and incorporate various grounding postures, silence, focusing inward, and breath-work for a full mind and body connection. Read more about Yoga on our blog post!

3. Room Temp Water

If you're not already drinking room temperature water, maybe you've heard or read about the benefits. Even to this day in Eastern cultures & countries, you will be hard pressed to find someone drinking ice cold water, and they likely will not serve you ice at restaurants. Why? Especially while eating or immediately after a meal, you want your digestion to perform optimally. According to Ayurveda and many ancient practices, our gut (digestion) is our second brain, it's our core. We need to keep it heated so it does its job of breaking down our food and supplying us with nutrients. Think of a fire, you would never pour ice on a fire if you want to keep it alive would you? The same goes for our digestion. This is why you may have heard to drink warm drinks after a meal, or drink your water at room temperature!

4. Smoothies in the Summer, Soups in the Winter

Do you naturally gravitate towards warming foods like soups and stews in the winter and smoothies and salads in the summer? That's your body telling you to eat with the seasons and this is a common practice in Ayurveda. Most Ayurvedic treatment plans will include meals according to the season, again to promote the best and most optimal digestion.

5. Ghee

Maybe this one is new to you! Or maybe you've heard of fatty coffees that include ghee, MCT oil, or butter. Ghee is clarified butter and originates from India. Ghee differs from butter in that the milk is removed during the process, therefore it is free from lactose. It's commonly used in India and Ayurvedic medicine to heal an upset stomach, promote digestion, reduce inflammation and heal scars. As a baby & child, my mom would feed me ghee with basmati rice because it's easy to digest. She would also have me put ghee mixed with honey on blisters or cuts to help it heal. You can incorporate ghee into your lifestyle by using it to cook or roast vegetables (it has a high smoke point).

All of our mixes are fused with these principles in mind and with high quality superfoods and adaptogens to bring Ayurveda and ancient practices to the modern world.

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