Meet Priya

When I was recovering my hormones and energy levels to support fertility and longevity, I found that Eastern medicine (Ayurveda), whole foods, and adaptogens, could naturally heal my deficiencies and improve my damaged gut, mood, and hormones.

That’s when I began blending these ancient ingredients with real foods to create my own balancing sweet treat, that provides both energy and gut support.

Once I learned that 80% of females suffer from hormone imbalances and 73% of women face gut distress, I realized I wanted to help others rediscover ancient wisdom in their modern pantry foods. My goal is to help YOU feel like your best self, again.

Priya Mulvihill

Founder & CEO

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  • Happy Hormones

    Blending Indian superfoods with nourishing fats supports our blood sugar and hormone health.

  • Real Ingredients

    Zero fillers, refined sugars, or preservatives. Every ingredient is found in nature, just like it should be!

  • Gut Friendly

    Keeping your gut health in mind, we use safe and digestible ingredients in every baking mix and honey blend.

get back to your best self.