how to sleep better at night naturally


Having a hard time sleeping lately? Do you ever feel that as soon as you're ready to rest, your mind starts racing with thoughts?

How do I sleep better at night naturally?

I like having a nutmeg spiced tonic after dinner, perfectly paired with calming Chocolate Chip, to help relax and ease my anxious mind. I boil 1/2 mug of non-dairy milk (you can use cow's milk if you are not dairy sensitive) on the stovetop and stir in a pinch of each cinnamon, nutmeg, and a tsp of raw honey (for anti-inflammatory benefits, add a dash of turmeric and black pepper, too).

Nutmeg is calming to the nervous system, and warm milk is a common Ayurvedic practice to aide digestion and promote relaxation. Warm milk is also known to be a carrier of nutrients in Ayurveda, meaning it allows the healing benefits from herbs and spices to penetrate into the muscles and tissues. (Why do you think Golden Mylk has been such a rage recently-guess where it came from!)

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