Diwali - The Festival of Lights

Diwali - The Festival of Lights


In the Hindu Religion and Indian culture, Diwali (or Navratri) is a widely celebrated holiday, in fact the most celebrated holiday throughout the year. The dates are set by the lunar calendar, but usually fall mid-late October or early November.

The Diwali festival is spread over five days to honor and worship wealth, prosperity, peace, health, light and abundance. 

Celebrations include the purchasing of gold, silver, and new clothing, lighting 'diyas' (or small lamps), setting valuables throughout the home to worship, dancing, and spending time with loved ones.

Each region of India celebrates in their own way, from Garba (dancing) in the North, to Golu (display of deities in the home) in the South. No matter how each region celebrates, the days are filled with prayer, song, gifts, and food.

This bright, colorful, holiday celebrates triumph of good over evil.


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