Honey's Impact on your Blood Sugar

Honey's Impact on your Blood Sugar

The common misconception about honey is that it has the same impact on your blood sugar as any other sugar, like table sugar. That's not true.

Honey raises blood sugar slowly. Within 30 minutes blood sugar gently falls. The level it finally reaches is where it originally started. This is due to it's lower glycemic index, and because it is a combination of glucose and other antioxidants and minerals that counteract the blood sugar impact. Table sugar, and other sources of sugar, is strictly glucose, hence why the impact on blood sugar is significant.

When blood sugar spikes and crashes, not only do you deplete energy quickly and feel fatigue, your appetite increases and metabolism slows, often encouraging you to reach for another sugary snack or beverage.


Lately, you have been seeing zero calorie sweeteners or sugar alternatives that claim to have no impact on your blood sugar. While that may be true in some cases, they are often 10x sweeter than honey and the quantity included in food products is more than what you would normally consume in honey. Therefore, when you bite into a snack or gulp down a beverage with sugar alternatives, your brain still receives the message that you are enjoying something *sweet.* This leads to a continuous cycle of sugar cravings. Honey is satisfying, sweet, and provides nutritional benefits. 

Our Super Honey is a grab & go convenient packet of raw honey blended with superfoods to provide clean slow release energy whether you're preparing for your workout or a long day at the office. 

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