Raw Honey and Metabolism

Raw Honey and Metabolism

Can raw honey really improve our metabolism?

The answer is YES. 

Let's break it down.

A detailed study performed by the National Institute for Diabetics was conducted in Cairo, Egypt.

The goal was to understand the effect of honey on blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and even body fat levels.

Participants were given on average 1/4 cup of honey for a 150lb person per day with no other daily interventions. 

After 12 weeks, the study indicated that participants showed a significant decrease in fasting blood sugar, total cholesterol, and even body fat levels. 

The theories behind this discovery is that the glycemic index for honey is much lower than regular sugar. Further, honey supports good gut bacteria which can help improve insulin sensitivity.

Long story short: Raw Honey consumed daily can support our blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, which improves our metabolism.

When Raw Honey is combined with superfoods like Ginger, Cacao, and Turmeric, the following benefits are enhanced:

Cardiovascular Benefits

Improved Gut Health (honey contains prebiotic fiber)

Supports Thyroid function

Improve Immune function

The amount you should consume each day would depend on your activity level and existing insulin response. We recommend at least 1 tbsp (21g) for anyone!

How can you consume Raw Honey everyday?

1) Enjoy a pack of Super Honey every morning (it's 21g of honey per packet).

2) Add Super Honey to your coffee or tea.

3) Mix Super Honey into your favorite snacks.

4) Consume a pack of Super Honey before a workout for blood sugar regulation and slow release energy.


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