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Natural remedies you can start today!

We've all been there...

Sluggish, sore, puffy, bloated or upset stomach. Sure, you can throw back an Ibuprofen, up the caffeine, or guzzle bismuth solutions, but have you considered natural approaches that are easier than you'd think?

1. Sluggish - Feeling extra tired, lethargic, or unmotivated? First, make sure you're getting quality sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted shut-eye. Keep a dark, cool bedroom, charge your phone in a separate room, and drink warm caffeine-free tea or milk 1 hour before bed (pair it with our Chocolate Chip mix, like I do!). During the day, stay hydrated to help ward off lethargy. Start the day with a tall glass of room temperature water with a slice of lime and a sprinkle of real sea salt, like Redmond's Salt. This "cocktail" will supply potassium and minerals to keep you hydrated, in turn, helping to keep your energy levels high! Ready to take it up a notch? Add Maca and Lion's Mane to your morning meal, both known to provide energy and focus. Find both deliciously blended into our Oat Ginger Raisin mix.
2. Sore - Tough workout or long training run? As mentioned before, hydration is key, so stick to a sea salt water with lime for natural electrolytes. Tart Cherries, Beets, and Cacao are natural and easy-to-find whole foods that are great for recovery. Both cherries and cacao contain flavonoids and antioxidants that help blood flow, which is critical for muscle recovery. Beets contain nitric oxide which promotes anti-inflammation, helps blood vessels relax, and improves circulation. Try adding frozen tart cherries and 1 small steamed then frozen beet to your morning smoothies. Have cacao powder? Toss that in too! Find raw cacao packed into our Mint Chocolate Mix.
3. Puffy - Ever wake up and feel inflamed or puffy in your face or joints? Usually this means that you need to get your lymph nodes moving (aka lymphatic drainage!). Here are three things I do every morning to combat puffiness and aide in lymphatic drainage:
(a) Movement - even before a workout or run, I stretch, walk, jump on our mini trampoline or perform 5 minutes of yoga to get the body and lymph nodes moving.
(b) Facial Massage - you can use a jade roller or just your index through ring fingers, massaging in circular motions starting from the center of your chin along the jaw bone up to your ears, repeating as you move up your face.
(c) Cooling / Ice - you know of the old trick "splash some water on your face!" When you wake up, press an ice cube into your face or joints, wherever you feel inflamed, for a cooling, feel good, effect. Even better? Create a fresh mint ice cube by pouring water and one mint leaf into your ice cube tray and freeze. Roll that on your face or joints for both the cooling and menthol soothing feeling! Snag our Mint Chocolate mix if you love a cooling mint combination.
4. Bloated & Upset Stomach - Ginger and Peppermint are ancient remedies to heal an upset stomach. Steep 1 thumb of ginger or 1 fresh peppermint leaf with lemon in hot water and sip. Find ginger in our Oat Ginger Raisin mix and peppermint in our Mint Chocolate mix.
Hope you find some natural relief in these quick tricks!
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